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BFPA Youth Programme

All Hands In
Youth Advocacy Movement

The Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) at our Sexual Health advocacy organization is made up of young individuals aged 10-24 who are passionate about educating their peers on better sexual health decision making. Through the proven successful community intervention of peer education, YAM is able to make an impact in the lives of countless young people. Join us now to learn from and be a part of this innovative group.

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BFPA's Youth Advocacy empowers young individuals in education, housing, employment, health, and relationships. Our framework enables informed choices, fostering self-worth. Key areas include healthcare access, comprehensive sexuality education, mental health, youth employment, school violence prevention, and increased funding for youth programs. We prioritize adapting to the unique challenges of youth development.

Charity Volunteers
Give Back Barbados
The Giveback Programme: Volunteerism is at the hear of what we do and we were therefore happy to be part of the governments Give Back Barbados programme since its inception in 2018. Many of our board, management and staff themselves began as volunteers and because of their altruistic nature have made it their passion. We offer various opportunities for students to  giveback either with their academic skills, learning a new skill or just providing hands on support to any activity which we take part in. Please give us a call today volunteers make Barbados better.
Youth Conference

Professional Development

Youth Personal and Professional Development is a critical aspect of growing up, encompassing various avenues such as self-led learning, communication training, and skill development. Engaging in personal development becomes essential for young people to navigate the world and achieve independence. Through our youth program, individuals can address key issues, including increasing self-awareness, learning new skills, developing self-respect and self-esteem, building strengths and talents, identifying employability, enhancing quality of life, improving health, enriching social abilities, and fostering independent living skills such as educational planning and money management. This comprehensive approach prepares young individuals for the challenges of adulthood, emphasizing both personal growth and professional readiness.

A Supportive Hug


Youth Counseling and Support play a crucial role in assisting young individuals facing emotional struggles with friends, family, or school. Many experience feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or fear but find it challenging to confide in familiar people. Counseling and advice services offer a safe and confidential space where they can express themselves without judgment. These services, which may include face-to-face counseling, one-to-one phone calls, webchat, email, forums, and in-person sessions, aim to positively impact the lives of young people by providing them with a supportive outlet to discuss their concerns and emotions. The emphasis is on creating an environment where youths feel comfortable seeking help and where their personal safety is prioritized if disclosed as a concern.

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The BFPA has developed its own culturally appropriate curriculum, known as the Comprehensive  Development Education. It seeks to equip all people with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to determine and enjoy their sexuality—physically and emotionally, individually and in relationships.

Group Seflie

Youth  Clinic

The BFPA Adolescent and Youth Clinic is designed to offer tailored and comprehensive healthcare services for adolescents and youth. These services span medical, educational, and support domains, addressing the unique needs of this demographic. Common offerings include Reproductive Health Services, Family Planning Education, Preventive Healthcare, Mental Health Support, Education and Outreach, Specialized Healthcare, Confidentiality and Privacy, Counseling and Support Services, and Health Education and Promotion. The clinic actively engages with the community to raise awareness about adolescent health and collaborates with schools, parents, and community organizations to enhance overall well-being. With a focus on a diverse range of services, the BFPA Adolescent and Youth Clinic aims to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of adolescents and youth during this pivotal developmental stage.



The BFPA supports the Human and Family Life Education currently in our schools by utilizing their own life empowering Comprehensive Development Education curriculum. 

The BFPA annually visits s all primary schools, all twenty-two secondary schools, Barbados Community College, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology and the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. The BFPA also work annually with numerous Easter, Summer  and Christmas Camps.

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