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The BFPA Youth Progamme

“The BFPA has a comprehensive Youth Programme which is focused on two major objectives.

  1. The empowerment of young people to make good Sexual and Reproductive Health Decisions,

  2. The expansion of the delivery of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services to young people. "

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At the tip of the spear of our youth work is a dedicated core of young people ages 10 to 24. This group of young people are known as the  Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM).


This group utilises the proven successful community intervention of  Peer Education to educate and empower primarily young people in better Sexual Health Decision Making.

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The BFPA supports the proven curriculum in Human and Family Life Education currently in our schools by utilising their own life empowering Comprehensive Development Education curriculum. 

The BFPA annually visits s all primary schools, all twenty-two secondary schools, Barbados Community College, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology and the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. The BFPA also work annually with numerous Easter, Summer  and Christmas Camps.


Comprehensive  Development Education


Adhering to the principle of a  rights-based approach to human development. The BFPA has developed its own culturally appropriate curriculum, known as the Comprehensive  Development Education.


It seeks to equip all people with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to determine and enjoy their sexuality—physically and emotionally, individually and in relationships.


Adolescent Young Mother's 


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Now in its tenth cohort, the BFPA’s Adolescent Young Mother’s  Programme (AYMP)  empowers young adolescent mothers to achieve independent and self-sufficient lives.  This is the third year The Maria Holder Memorial Trust has graciously facilitated this expanded life-changing programme.

Through this programme, the BFPA provides a culturally enriched environment in which healthy, holistic living practices exist and cultivates a sense of positive energy and self-worth that will guide these mothers to become empowered, self-confident, nurturing women, mothers, daughters, companions, employers 
and or employees


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Many young people are struggling with how they feel. They are having problems with friends, family or school, they are anxious, depressed, angry or scared and need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know.


Counselling and other advice services can help them talk things through, support them without making them feel judged, and in confidence (unless they disclose that their personal safety is at risk).


Advice services can make a positive difference in their lives. The range of advice services for children and young people includes face-to-face counselling, one-to-one phone calls, webchat, email, forums and face-to-face sessions.






The BFPA’s clinic makes a special effort to cater to the needs of young adolescents in Barbados. These needs are catered for in a comfortable considerate and confidential environment as long as there is no immediate life risk to the young person or others. For all young people, we offer free counselling and support on all medical, health, sexual and wellness-related issues no parental accompaniment required. At the BFPA, you have the choice of walking-in or appointment. It pays to call is in advance to see when they are drop-in and appointment-only hours are.


Services which could be accessed are as follows:-

  • Birth control options

  • Emergency contraceptive pills (EC)

  • Condoms

  • Pregnancy testing

  • HIV and STI  testing

  • Pap tests

  • Stress

  • Drug & Alcohol/Addictions counselling

  • And much more


Adolescent Advocacy


Youth Advocacy is the empowerment of young people in their everyday lives. At the  BFPA we provide support to young people in all areas that affect them, be it education, housing, employment, unemployment, health, social security, recreation and human relationships. We also give young people insight into the adult world of decision making and the exercising of authority. Our advocacy framework allows young people to make clear choices about issues that affect their everyday life. Youth Advocacy can assist young people to use the existing social systems to develop a real sense of self-worth.  


The BFPA equips our young people with the advocacy and interpersonal skills across all social levels.  We empower young people to take actions in situations and issues that affect them. We believe that  it is essential to move at a pace conducive to the physical, psychological and emotional change that young people experience, Some of the main advocacy areas for our young people are as follows:-

  • Adolescent Access to Healthcare

  • Expansion of Comprehensive Sexuality Education  in Schools

  • Youth and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Increase in Youth Employment Opportunities

  • Elimination of  Violence within chools

  • Increase in funding for youth programming



Youth Personal and Professional Development


As young people grow, they build skills and knowledge that are important to them as they become more independent and grow older. Youth personal development can happen a lot of different ways. They include self-led learning, communication training, action to develop skills, self-motivation, and group activities.  Becoming fully engaged in the world around themselves personal development becomes and important thing to think about and work towards. Some of the issues through our youth programme that young people can address through personal development include:

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Learning new skills, including communication, visioning and goal setting, life planning, and much more

  • Developing self-respect and self-esteem

  • Building strengths and talents

  • Identifying employability

  • Enhancing quality of life

  • Improving health

  • Enriching social abilities

  • Fostering independent living skills such as educational planning, money management, bill paying, etc.

  • Managing transitions and rites-of-passage

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