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White Pillars

Our Pillars

In 2021 after a deep analysis of the economic, political and social climate the BFPA designed a new social entrepreneurship business and sustainability plan which has so far seen it grow in strength while keeping its focus on those who need it most. A central aspect of plan was a five-pillar high level approached. The BFPA has adjusted its high-level approach slightly in the year 2023 and beyond to a four-pillar approach.

BFPA Health Center

The BFPA Community Health Centre will be providing medical and clinical services across four major types of clinic categories with an emphasis on the provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services to the most vulnerable groups and persons in Barbadian society. These four categories are as follows: -

  • Primary care clinics- That cover a wide range of routine and preventive healthcare services.

  • Sexual health clinics- These have a specific focus on sexual and reproductive health for all persons.

  • Specialized clinics- In areas such as Urology; and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  • Ambulatory Surgical Care- provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Minor Surgeries and Surgical Theatre Rental.

This pillar will be the advocacy thrust as it is centered around advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights; increase funding for SRHR; grant writing for impact; government funding for national impact; our Youth Advocacy Movement advocacy; advocacy for equitable rights for with vulnerable communities such as the LGBTQIAA, Sex Workers; and much more.

Again this broad range pillar while acknowledging the need to support particular groups understand the need to find innovative ways to access these groups it allows for the movement of the sexuality agenda while sharing knowledge but is focused on making the lives of others better, This pillar also supports the strategic actions for young people as it relates to empowerment and the importance of Youth Participation at international, national and regional level in all spheres. It also focuses on specific actions involving government to make the lives of the people we serve better. The BFPA will not only be working on the advocacy agenda but where possible seek funding to support its advocacy initiatives which will not only see the BFPA talking but walking the proverbial talk.

BFPA Advocacy
BFPA Programming

The inextricable link between advocacy and programming is ever present as most of our programmatic actions stem from our advocacy focus but the difference truly is that they are specific programmatic actions which are initiated to align with advocacy goals some of these are as follows: -

  • Community Outreaches 

  • Business outreach and intervention programming

  • In-Schools Programming with CSE

  • Out of school programming with CSE

  •  Collaboration with partners on specific programming

  • The BFPA Podcasting

  • BFPA Continuing Education Lectures

  • The Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference

  • Youth Support and Empowerment

  • The Youth Advocacy Movement

  • Online Talks

  • Information Technology and Digitization of Records

  • Much more

The BFPA will expand its pharmaceutical sales in both retail and wholesale. It will continue its realignment with what was once described as Community Based Distribution of Commodities. This will not only be a consolidated source of revenue for organizational sustainability but provide low and competitively priced pharmaceuticals, but also low cost and high quality Sexual and Reproductive Health commodities for the Barbadian population.

BFPA Pharmaceuticals
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