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The Barbados Family Planning Association [BFPA], was established in May 1954 and Incorporated by an Act of Parliament in June 1967. The Association via a  Human and Sexual rights approach provides Sexual and Reproductive Health information, clinical services, education, training, community outreach and research.


The BFPA has always focused on the most vulnerable whether it was women and their rights such as access to Sexual and Reproductive Health services; or the poor, disempowered and vulnerable whose rights to access have always been easy to infringe. And thirdly to provide essential services to key populations such as Youth, Sex workers, Lesbian Gays Bi-Sexual and Transgender Communities. Our clinic welcomes people from all walks-of-life. Our welcoming staff operate under a policy of non-discrimination and confidentiality is one of the essential core values


We also run a plethora of successful information, outreach and development programmes. These programmes are all part of our educational drive and allow us to reach a greater volume of people, to promote safe sexual practices and the social and political issues around Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

For 70 years we have been at the forefront of Family Planning; and Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare while advocating for healthcare access for all as the Barbados Family Planning Association. As we modernize, update, and expand our services for a more modern Barbados, we will take a more modern name simply the BFPA. We will not forget our roots and we will protect all that we have achieved in the past as it relates to the protection of rights, the promotion of equity and continue to do more. We will utilize our new location to chart a new direction in Barbadian healthcare which is client-centered, socially responsible and focused on those who need stigma free, rights based and empowered driven healthcare. We invite you not only to use our site as a healthcare resource but visit our clinic or reach out to our team whose core is centered in Trust, Integrity, Inclusivity and Equity. Welcome to the BFPA experience.

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To Serve and Empower People with their Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights.


A community where everyone has access to the highest, quality sexual and reproductive health, information, education and services.

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Core Values

Trust, Integrity, Inclusivity and Empathy.

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Image by Oladimeji Odunsi


  • Governed by an elected Board of Directors

  • 70 Years of Uninterrupted, Accountable and Transparent Governance

  • Internationally accredited and a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation

  • 50%  Board Female Governed

  • 20% Youth Led

  • 62 Active Volunteer Members 

  • 20 Advocates Mobilized 

  • 18 full-time  Committed Staff

  • 70 Years of Timely Financial Audits

  • 70 Years of Partnership with Successive Governments

  • 70  Years of  Evidence-Based Advocacy and Programme Implementation

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