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Clinical Services

The BFPA has a full-service clinic which specialises in Sexual and Reproductive Health to Women, Men. Youth, the LGBT Community and any individuals who feel empowered to access our high quality, affordable and confidential services. We even have a Surgical Theatre Suite for your use.

Pharmaceutical & Contraceptive Distribution

The BFPA provides both affordable Retail and  Wholesale Distribution of a limited number of Pharmaceutical and Contraceptive Commodities to accomplish its Vision.


The  BFPA since 1954 has been advocating for the empowerment of persons with their individual, Sexual & Human Rights. The BFPA has been at the forefront for women's rights, youth rights and family rights in Barbados. We advocate for  and protection  and recognition of these rights where necessary.

Education & Training

Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health at all levels is at the core of the BFPA's Philosophy . We utilise education to empower good sexual health decision making and to improve the quality of Sexual Health Service Delivery especially for the most vulnerable.


At the tip of the spear of youth work is a dedicated core of young people ages 10 to 24. This group of young people are known as the  Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM). They utilise Peer Education to  educate and empower young peoipe in better Sexual Health decison making.


The BFPA is an independent non-profit organisation responsible to a voluntary Board of Directors. We are the major non-government provider of reproductive and sexual health services at a primary level in  Barbados.  

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Different People! Different Needs


In an effort to better serve our population in a more timely and personal  manner are  now utilizing a new  telemedicine platform,

The  BFPA works with the major insurance companies in Barbados. Please see if your insurance provider is one of our preferred partners.

Outreach continues to be the most successful and innovative way to reach people as it relates to the delivery of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Information.

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