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At the BFPA we believe that Sexual Rights are Human Rights and therefore we advocate for the Sexual reproductive and sexual health and rights of everybody in every family, additionally we advocated on behalf of all groups  who are marginalised and vulnerable.

At the BFPA we believe that everyone should:

  • have the right to make informed choices that suit there wants and needs about Sexual and Reproductive Health without harm and threat.

  • That all have equal rights and should be free from all forms of discrimination and harm based on sex, sexuality and gender

  • be able to choose whether when or if they want to have children

  • Human beings are sexual beings and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is the all-encompassing cross-cutting issue across all aspects of life.

The BFPA’s work has a particular focus on improving reproductive and sexual health outcomes for all people especially the poor; the marginalised; the disenfranchised, women and young girls who have been hindered by archaic gender and social norms, key populations, the differently abled; and men and boys; adolescent access to healthcare and lastly access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education for all within and out of schools. We are committed to long term capacity building to address Sexual and Reproductive health needs in Barbados, and we work increasingly in the region to advocate for improved outcomes in Caribbean and Latin America, and Internationally.


The BFPA drives change by

  • Working with like minded partners and strategic collaboration

  • building the capacity of partners, people and health systems to provide sustainable reproductive and sexual health services

  • strengthening organisational capacity to support program implementation

  • promoting research and evaluation findings and supporting translation of findings into our development work and advocacy to inform public policy

  • working in partnership with government, non-government and community organisations to implement programs that support the achievement of national and international goals

  • supporting government and non-government organisations to implement policies, strategies and services that uphold the Sexual and Reproductive Health rights of vulnerable and marginalised groups

  • integrating and promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health into national strategies and programmes nationally and internationally

Our advocacy and communication messages reflect the perspectives of the groups we work with. The BFPA is committed to using images and messages in communications that are not only authentic to the context, person and terms of consent given, but also portray affected people in a manner that respects their dignity, values, history, religion, language and culture.

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